Pest Control And Children: How To Eradicate Bugs Safely And Effectively

Pest control brings to mind harsh chemicals you don't want around your children, but the thought of your kids playing in an environment with roach droppings isn't acceptable either. You can safely eradicate pests in your home, without threatening your children's health. Here's how to get started. 1. Be An OCD Cleaner Even if you have no obsessive-compulsive disorder, you need to act like you do when you have bugs in your home, most especially when it comes to children. [Read More]

Did Your Dig For Treasure In Grandpa's Attic Uncover An Upsetting Mess? 3 Tips To Get A Pest Problem Under Control

Your grandpa's attic is a treasure trove full of family memorabilia that you have always wanted to explore. Recently, he gave you free access to dig in upstairs, and you couldn't wait to begin uncovering old family photos, books and clothing that could tell you more about your family history. Unfortunately, your grand search for information about your ancestry uncovered a few extra surprises that you weren't quite ready for. Now, your exciting search has been put on the back burner since the discovery of a pest problem causes you to feel unsafe. [Read More]

Signs You May Have Bed Bugs — And How To Know For Sure

Bed bugs have become increasingly common over the last decade or two, and although theydo not spread disease, they are quite the nuisance, causing terribly itchy bites and a loss of sleep. Most homeowners are aware that bed bugs exist, but there are so many misconceptions floating around about these creatures that many people who have them in their home don't realize it—and some people who don't have them think that they do! [Read More]

3 Reasons To Consider Humane Animal And Pest Control

Humane animal and pest control services specialize in dealing with pests on your property without killing them or utilizing dangerous chemicals. Here are three reasons to consider humane animal and pest control. It Will Allow The Pests To Be Removed Without Killing Them One of the main reasons to contact a humane animal and pest control service is that it will allow the pests to be removed without killing them. Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of outright killing animals that have entered their property, so this service will actually trap the animals without hurting them. [Read More]