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What To Know About Controlling Termites In Your Home

Termites are not an ideal pest to have in your home. They are a pest that can create a lot of problems for you as a homeowner. They can chew their way through the wood in your home and cause so much damage to the house that it can make it structurally unsafe. Termites are not a pest that will leave on their own. They will chew up what's there and may eventually leave when there's nothing left. By this time, the damage has already been done. You need to control the termites in your home, but it has to be done carefully to ensure they are exterminated. Read on for things you should know about these pests.

They Feast On Moist Wood

These pests will feast on moist wood, so if you have moisture damage in your home, this is an attractant to them. Other pests will be attracted to the moisture in your home as well, so if you have termites, carpenter ants, or whatever other pests you have, the moisture issue is going to need to be addressed. If you have wood in your home that was caused by damage previously, or you still have an issue with moisture in your home, you need to make whatever repairs are necessary to help to stop attracting these pests to your home.

They Live In Mud Tunnels

These pests will move to and from your home through tunnels made of mud. If your home is infested with these pests, there's a chance that their mud tunnels are located nearby. These pests have wings as well, but there is also a type of termite that does not fly, and these pests are moving through these tunnels, taking their food to their colony. If you spot the mud tunnels around your home, destroy them and spray the termites that are inside to exterminate them.

They Need To Be Exterminated Properly

If addition to spraying the tunnels when you see them and repairing the moisture-damaged wood around your home, you will also need to spray your home to exterminate the pests that remain. Spray with a termite pesticide to kill the pests you have around your home. You should spray the area that was infested with these pests. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the pesticide spray.

If you have termites in your home and they are causing damage to your house, you need to have them exterminated immediately before they cause too much damage. Hire a professional pest control specialist to help you control these pests. For more information on termite control, contact a professional near you.