Get In Tune With That Coon

Raccoons are curious by nature and are capable of tipping over trash cans, opening latches, and climbing ladders, in search of food. Although many people may consider raccoons nuisances and may even be afraid of these creatures, due to not knowing how they will respond to human stimuli, these wild animals are relatively harmless and are just trying to survive like any other living being. If you have spotted a couple raccoons near your home recently, use strategies to encourage them to head back into the wild.

What To Expect With Commercial Bed Bug Control

When most people think of bed bugs, they picture an infestation in someone's bedroom involving the mattress and surrounding area. Unfortunately, despite their name, bed bugs can infest any type of upholstered furniture and the carpeting and surrounding baseboards. Thus, it is not surprising that there has been an uptick in the number of commercial properties, offices, and businesses having issues with bed bugs. Luckily, bed bugs are not the end of the world and they do not carry diseases, but early detection and treatment is essential to get bed bugs under control and prevent a major infestation.

The Commercial Pest Control Services That Keep Your Church Building And Lawn Safe From Pests

If you're responsible for the maintenance of a church building, you may be concerned about pest control. When it comes to a church, especially if it has a kitchen or preschool in the building, keeping pests under control is essential. Having regular pest control treatments is a good way to prevent and eliminate pests. Here are some ways of using commercial pest control services to keep your church building pest free.

3 Signs of Termite Infestation That You May Have Missed

Do you suspect that your home might have an infestation of termites? Has it been a long time since you had a professional out to place anti-termite measures around your property? While termites might not be a problem in some areas of the country, there are definitely portions of the US where termites are a very big concern. If you live in one of these termite-inhabited areas, it's important to be vigilant regarding possible infestations so as to avoid expensive damage.