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Get In Tune With That Coon

Raccoons are curious by nature and are capable of tipping over trash cans, opening latches, and climbing ladders, in search of food. Although many people may consider raccoons nuisances and may even be afraid of these creatures, due to not knowing how they will respond to human stimuli, these wild animals are relatively harmless and are just trying to survive like any other living being. If you have spotted a couple raccoons near your home recently, use strategies to encourage them to head back into the wild.

Your Yard's Layout May Be Appealing

A vegetable garden, fruit trees, and a steady supply of household waste may be drawing the raccoons to your property. If the creatures have been able to fill up on foods and waste that are left on your property and haven't been faced with any obstacles, they are going to stick around. Pick mature crops and bring them into your home, prune trees, and place your garbage cans inside of a shed or a garage, until it is time for them to be emptied by a trash removal crew.

You are not going to be able to eliminate all of the items that are growing on your land, but you can create a barricade that will make it more difficult for raccoons to access the garden or trees. Use netting or fencing to create an enclosure around the garden and trees. Keep low lying branches trimmed regularly, to discourage raccoons from attempting to climb up the trees, in search of food.

Remove loose items from your property that may look interesting to a raccoon. Things like vases, cups, jars, or items with small details in their surface may pique the curiosity of some raccoons and result in your decor becoming damaged. Display decorative items inside of an enclosed porch, to prevent easy access to them.

Dark And Overgrown Land Could Resemble A Natural Habitat

If you live outside of the city limits and have a lot of foliage on your property, there are plenty of places available for raccoons to create a nest in. Pair dark conditions with the foliage and you have a setting that resembles one that a raccoon would normally live in.

Install some lighting outdoors, either sconces or light poles that utilize standard LED bulbs or a security lighting system that turns on when movement is detected on the property. Cut grass and trim shrubs and overgrowth that could potentially provide a habitat for the raccoons. These basic changes in your property may discourage raccoons from hanging around. 

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