Staying Safe Around Pest Control

The Commercial Pest Control Services That Keep Your Church Building And Lawn Safe From Pests

If you're responsible for the maintenance of a church building, you may be concerned about pest control. When it comes to a church, especially if it has a kitchen or preschool in the building, keeping pests under control is essential. Having regular pest control treatments is a good way to prevent and eliminate pests. Here are some ways of using commercial pest control services to keep your church building pest free.

Have Residual Spray Applied Regularly

When you hire a commercial pest control company, one thing they'll do is assess the threat in your building and then recommend a treatment schedule. If you have a church kitchen or have a preschool where kids snack in the rooms, then you may need more frequent treatments to keep roaches away. Residual pesticides are often used because these continue to work between service calls so your building is always protected against a variety of bugs.

Some rooms in your church building may be vacant for much of the week, and that allows pests, such as spiders, a quiet place to hide and breed. By applying pest control treatments to the entire building, you can eliminate bugs whether they are hiding in quiet rooms or in a busy kitchen.

Have Termite Stations Put In

Termites are always a threat to buildings, even churches. One way to guard against them is to have a pest control company put in termite stations that monitor for termite activity. These are placed under the ground with bait that termites will eat when they find it. The stations are checked periodically, and when the bait is disturbed, steps can be taken to wipe out the termites before they cause damage to your building.

Have The Outdoor Area Treated For Pests

Depending on the environment around your building, you might need outdoor treatments to control pests. If your parking lot has a retention pond, you might want mosquito treatments in the summer so your church members aren't bothered by the pests while they stand outside and chat after evening services. Also, if your church preschool has an outdoor playground, you may want to treat the yard so ants and other bugs aren't a problem in the playground area.

Have Your Building Monitored

When your pest control expert makes scheduled visits for treatments, they can also monitor your building and grounds for signs of pest activity so the pests can be exterminated quickly. They might look for signs of termite or carpenter ant damage in the building or rat trails and droppings on the property. An expert can pick up on signs of threatening pests that you might overlook, and this helps you keep your building free from the bothersome rodents and insects that can frighten or harm your members or preschoolers.

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