Get In Tune With That Coon

Raccoons are curious by nature and are capable of tipping over trash cans, opening latches, and climbing ladders, in search of food. Although many people may consider raccoons nuisances and may even be afraid of these creatures, due to not knowing how they will respond to human stimuli, these wild animals are relatively harmless and are just trying to survive like any other living being. If you have spotted a couple raccoons near your home recently, use strategies to encourage them to head back into the wild.

What To Expect With Commercial Bed Bug Control

When most people think of bed bugs, they picture an infestation in someone's bedroom involving the mattress and surrounding area. Unfortunately, despite their name, bed bugs can infest any type of upholstered furniture and the carpeting and surrounding baseboards. Thus, it is not surprising that there has been an uptick in the number of commercial properties, offices, and businesses having issues with bed bugs. Luckily, bed bugs are not the end of the world and they do not carry diseases, but early detection and treatment is essential to get bed bugs under control and prevent a major infestation.

The Commercial Pest Control Services That Keep Your Church Building And Lawn Safe From Pests

If you're responsible for the maintenance of a church building, you may be concerned about pest control. When it comes to a church, especially if it has a kitchen or preschool in the building, keeping pests under control is essential. Having regular pest control treatments is a good way to prevent and eliminate pests. Here are some ways of using commercial pest control services to keep your church building pest free.

3 Signs of Termite Infestation That You May Have Missed

Do you suspect that your home might have an infestation of termites? Has it been a long time since you had a professional out to place anti-termite measures around your property? While termites might not be a problem in some areas of the country, there are definitely portions of the US where termites are a very big concern. If you live in one of these termite-inhabited areas, it's important to be vigilant regarding possible infestations so as to avoid expensive damage.

3 Important Things To Know About Pest Elimination

Have you recently moved into a home, only to discover that there are insects or rodents sharing your new abode? Is this the first time that you've had to deal with this sort of thing so you're not really sure what you should do? Even for those who have experienced it before, dealing with pests in your home can be a frustrating and sometimes challenging experience. Contrary to popular opinion, pests are not always a result of untidy housekeeping by you.

What Was That? How To Tell If You've Got A Centipede Infestation

When you think of pest infestations, you probably think of things like mice, ants, and roaches. However, now that summer is starting to wind down and the weather is getting ready to start cooling down again, it's time to start thinking about another pest: the centipede. You might not realize this, but centipedes can infest your home, too. Unfortunately, because they're so fast, they can run around your house without you being the wiser.

Pest Spotting Around Your Place

Before you start bringing all of your belongings into your new place, you want to make sure you go through it and see that you aren't dealing with any pest control issues. If you are, it is going to be a lot easier for you to move into your home after getting rid of any infestations than it would be for you to take those pests on with all of your belongings in the house.

How To Work Effectively With The Professionals Who Will Rid Your Home Of Bugs

Whether you have a problem in your home with roaches, ants, spiders, or some other pest, you want every last one of them gone. As your day with a pest control specialist approaches, here's what you can do around your home to prepare. Rearrange Your Furniture Especially for pieces of furniture that are hardly ever moved or difficult to clean under, move them from where they normally rest. Pull everything away from the wall so that the exterminator can reach into those hard to get places.

Pest Control And Children: How To Eradicate Bugs Safely And Effectively

Pest control brings to mind harsh chemicals you don't want around your children, but the thought of your kids playing in an environment with roach droppings isn't acceptable either. You can safely eradicate pests in your home, without threatening your children's health. Here's how to get started. 1. Be An OCD Cleaner Even if you have no obsessive-compulsive disorder, you need to act like you do when you have bugs in your home, most especially when it comes to children.

Did Your Dig For Treasure In Grandpa's Attic Uncover An Upsetting Mess? 3 Tips To Get A Pest Problem Under Control

Your grandpa's attic is a treasure trove full of family memorabilia that you have always wanted to explore. Recently, he gave you free access to dig in upstairs, and you couldn't wait to begin uncovering old family photos, books and clothing that could tell you more about your family history. Unfortunately, your grand search for information about your ancestry uncovered a few extra surprises that you weren't quite ready for. Now, your exciting search has been put on the back burner since the discovery of a pest problem causes you to feel unsafe.