Staying Safe Around Pest Control

Ridding Your Home Of Nuisance House Flies

If you have been noticing an abundance of house flies that have gotten inside your structure, you surely want to take action to remove them promptly. Try these steps to keep your home free of house flies.

Contact A Pest Control Service For An Inspection

You can try to remove flies by opening windows and doors, however, if you do not find the breeding area that the house flies are using, you will certainly continue to have a problem. For this reason, it is best to contact a pest control service in your area to evaluate your property for signs of breeding spots. The service will eradicate any eggs found. Breeding grounds are usually outdoors, but they can also make their way to your home's interior around refuse or in walls. 

Keep Up With Diligent Cleaning Sessions 

If you fail to keep the inside of your home clean, house flies will have an abundance of food available to eat. Make sure to take any household garbage out of inside containers on a daily basis to place in receptacles outside for pickup. Keep on top of kitchen cleanup to remove food remnants. Sweep, mop, and vacuum so crumbs do not remain on floors.

Take Care Of Any Entryways Promptly

Holes, cracks, and crevices along your siding can be used by house flies and other pests as entryways to the interior portion of your home. Check the outside of your home often for signs of damage so you can make repairs as needed. House flies are drawn to the warmth of a home during cooler months and the coolness of a home during the warmer time of the year. If they are able to feel the airflow from the outside, they will attempt to gain entry. Use weather stripping pieces or caulk around windows to seal drafts.

Use Traps To Gather Any Remaining House Flies

If you did not contact a pest control service, or if a few house flies happened to evade procedures used to control their population, trapping them is an option. There are a variety of traps available on the market specifically for house flies. Use sticky glue traps or create your own trap using a jar filled with vinegar with a piece of plastic wrap with holes in it sealed around the mouth. Make sure to dispose of any trapped flies right away and reset new traps.

For more info, contact a pest control service