Staying Safe Around Pest Control

Four Things You Can Do About A Persistent Spider Problem

Spiders that are constantly invading your house can sometimes be a challenge to deal with, but you can make a noticeable impact by taking steps to remove possible entrances, taking away food sources, and deterring them from making their homes inside your own. Professional assistance can also make a big difference for more stubborn infestations.

Keep Outside of House Clear

If anything is touching the outside of your house, this can make it easy for pests to get inside whether you have any active pest control treatments or not. This is especially the case with spiders, who will often use tool handles or plant leaves to make webs.

Go around the outside of your house and try to clear away anything that might be touching the walls. Remove tools, clear away wood piles, and trim any plants that have grown big enough to start brushing against the walls, especially if they're near windows.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Spiders are just as likely as many other pests to get inside via holes and gaps, especially if your home has a more preferable climate. For example, spiders may try to escape cold by coming into your home.

To the best of your ability, seal up any possible entrances. Check for cracks around your foundation, inspect the weather stripping around your doors and windows, and look for any gaps in your baseboards. It's unlikely you'll be able to seal every crack, but anything that helps deter spiders from coming in from outside will help.

Do a Deep Clean

In some cases, spiders might be coming from elsewhere inside your home. This can happen if they've made homes in your garage, attic, basement, or other areas that are often dark and left alone. This is especially true if insects also move through these areas; this gives spiders both a safe place to live and a constant food source.

Deep cleans can help take care of this. Go into areas you typically leave alone and clean out all cobwebs, check in storage boxes for spiders or signs of other insects, and take note of anything you might see that hints at spiders reproducing inside your home, such as eggs. More regular cleaning can often dissuade spiders from setting up permanent homes and can prevent future generations of spiders from coming from inside your own house.

Contact a Professional

Getting a professional involved can help take care of your spider problem in two primary ways. The first is direct, where your pest control specialist will focus on the spiders themselves and how to get rid of them. Specialists can often identify the spiders you're dealing with, which can help them come up with strategies to keep them out. The second is more indirect, where taking care of other pests in your house can help remove spiders' food sources indoors. If other methods of controlling spiders in your house have failed, contacting a specialist is a great way to make a quick and noticeable improvement.

Reach out to a pest control company for more information.