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The Most Effective Bed Bug Control Tips You Need In 2022

The last thing you want is disturbance from pests like bed bugs when you sleep. Unfortunately, they are prevalent. In fact, a study report in 2011 by the American National Pest Management Association says that one out of five Americans suffers from bed bug infestation daily. Whether it's at home or your workplace, below are the most practical, effective, and fast eradication tips to control bed bugs effortlessly.

Locating the Most Infested Areas

Because bed bugs breed and multiply quickly, it's wise to first locate the most infested areas within your home. It helps you control their spread, especially before they begin to reproduce. 

Unlike other pests, bed bugs love areas where food is available with temperature ranges below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or they'll die. As a result, your bedroom and the kitchen are ideal places with these temperature ranges and the presence of foodstuffs.

As such, when the conditions within your home favor them, they multiply fast unless you locate them. However, when they are in large infestations, they can invade your whole home, so in such cases, inspect your entire house to identify their breeding areas.

Also, inspect the seams of your mattress, cracks between bed frames, cushions of sofas, and inside carpets. Look under furniture joints, including chairs and couches or futons if you have them.

Decluttering Your House

A cluttered home provides more areas for bed bugs to hide and breed. The same also makes it hard to locate them. For example, bed bugs can hide and multiply without your knowledge if your mattress uses covers and encasements. Storing old clothes and boxes randomly can also provide them with hiding places to live and reproduce. 

Therefore, open up your bed and remove the covers. Clear out stuff you don't regularly use nor have use for. In short, make your space wide open and clean to prevent them from finding breeding and hiding areas.

Consider Seeking Professional Help

If you suffer from a large bed bug infestation, your DIY eradication skills won't do an excellent job. An experienced pest controlling technician understands locating, managing, and preventing future infestation better.

Moreover, hire a technician from a reputable pest control service company like Pass Pest Control. This way, you'll be sure they'll utilize all the pest control IPM approaches that help entirely eradicate and control bed bugs from your place. 

IPM pest control approach refers to the Integrated Pest Management concept that is effective and environmentally sensitive for controlling and managing pests without harming your surroundings. Therefore, while controlling bed bugs through this approach, you'll be sure there will be safe handling of pesticides and emergency attention to anything that goes wrong.