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Seeing Tiny Red Bugs In Your Home? You May Have Clover Mites

If you are seeing tiny red bugs in your home, you may have clover mites. Many people mistake these bugs with ants, but clover mites are smaller.  Below is more information about this, as well as what you can do to get these bugs out of your home.

Clover Mites

Clover mites are found outside, and they are so small you likely have not noticed them before.  They love to eat grass, clover, and weeds in your yard. When the weather turns colder, these insects, as well as others, look for ways to stay warm, and a home is the perfect place for this. Once inside, these insects can find food, water, and easy places to hide. The main problem is if they usually come in by the hundreds or even the thousands.  

Clover mites do not bite and will not harm you in any way. They are a bright red color, and they can stain carpeting, furniture, etc. If there are hundreds or thousands of these insects in one area and you swipe across them, they leave behind red marks. You may cause this to happen without even knowing it as you could easily sit on these mites if there were a lot on your couch or other furniture. This is even a bigger problem if your carpeting, curtains, furniture, or walls are light-colored as the red would show up easily. 

Clover mites are so tiny they can get in through tiny cracks you may have and are not aware of. You may have a small gap in your foundation. They can get through a window if it is not tightly sealed or get in through plumbing pipes. 

Remove Clover Mites

There are sprays on the market that you can purchase but you should consider hiring a professional pest control company to do this job for you. They will know where to look for these mites and have the proper chemicals to kill them.

Because you have mites inside your home you likely also have a lot outside in your yard. Because of this, the pest control company will want to spray outside on your lawn and around your home's foundation to kill the mites before they find their way into your home. They can use chemicals that will not harm your grass or other vegetation. 

The pest control company can also give you information on how to prevent future attacks from these insects. Go outside and inspect your home's foundation and walls. If you see any gaps, cracks, or holes, make sure you seal everything up. You can hire a contractor to do this for you or you can purchase a caulking gun and caulk and do it yourself. You also need to mow your lawn on a regular basis and keep weeds out of your yard as much as you can. Put new weather stripping around doors and windows.

The pest control company can give you much more information about clover mites and keeping them away.  

For more information on Clover mites, contact pest control services near you.