Staying Safe Around Pest Control

3 Things You Can Do to Stop Pests from Moving inside for the Winter

While it is true that the majority of pests are most active during the spring and summer months, a few can still be a problem during winter weather. These troublemakers are well known for their ability to sneak into homes and garages, where they can find hiding places, food, and moisture to help them survive the winter. 

Some of the pests that most often attempt to infiltrate homes during the winter include small rodents like squirrels, mice and rats, spiders, and some types of ants and flies. Homeowners who would like to take measures to prevent these and other pests from infiltrating their homes this winter can get started with the following tips. 

Cut Off Access

Homeowners who take steps to remove access can greatly reduce the number of pest problems they will endure over the winter. In the average home, openings capable of being accessed by insects and small rodents may exist in many places, such as: 

  • Vents in attics, soffits, and crawl spaces
  • Openings where wiring and plumbing enter or exit the home
  • Cracks around door and window frames

In addition, pests may also be able to enter a home through cracks or damaged areas of siding or masonry, or around chimneys and flues. Homeowners who take time to locate these openings and seal or repair them will be helping to reduce pest issues inside their homes during the winter months. 

Make Your Home Less Attractive to Pests

In addition to cutting off access to your home, homeowners will also want to take steps to make their home and garage less attractive to pests who may want to invade. Since all living creatures seek food, water, and shelter, homeowners should focus on making sure that human and pet foods are stored in tightly sealed containers. It is also important to remove sources of moisture by insulating pipes to stop condensation, repairing leaky faucets, and installing a dehumidifier if high humidity is a problem. Additionally, it is a good idea to clean regularly and remove clutter that can provide shelter and nesting spaces for small rodents, spiders, and other insects. 

Invest in Professional Pest Control Options


While taking proactive measures to limit access and remove food and water sources will certainly benefit you, you will also need some professional help. By working with a reputable pest control service, homeowners can take advantage of professional strength solutions for controlling or exterminating all types of household pests. They'll be able to identify and execute the residential pest control treatment options that will work best for your home.