Staying Safe Around Pest Control

Get Rid of Ants and Other Garden Pests

Gardens come with pests. There's just no way around it. Whether you have ants or slugs taking over your yard, you want to finally be rid of them forever. As you look for ways to control pests of all kinds, this is what you need to know about garden pests.

1. Ants

Ants are among the most common pests you will find anywhere, including your garden. Ants can eat the fruits and vegetables you grow in your garden, but they can also be painful. Fire ants, in particular, can bite and leave you with painful stings.

The good news is that you can eliminate an ant colony with ant control services. Professionals can get rid of even the most aggressive ant colonies that take over your garden and bite you as you are tending to your own plants.

2. Japanese Beetles

Beetles come in many varieties, but Japanese beetles are among the worst for your garden. These pests love to eat a variety of plants, including those gorgeous roses you've been working hard on. They will kill your plants, leaving you with nothing but remnants of a garden. These insects can be stopped in their tracks if you have the right tools. Professionals can not only kill these bugs but also help you prevent their return.

3. Aphids

Aphids are small but mighty, leading to a lot of destruction in your garden. The wildest part? They're hard to even see. Aphids feast on juices inside plant leaves, which means that your plant stops growing and even dies. You may need to use insecticides to remove these pests and to prevent them from wiping out your garden again in the future.

4. Slugs and Snails

Slugs and snails are incredibly destructive. They eat the leaves of your plants, leaving holes all over the plants and potentially even killing them. If your garden has a huge infestation, it is not enough to remove the bugs one by one so that you can get rid of them. You will need a professional to come in and take a major step to remove dozens of insects at once.

Ready to Get Rid of Pests?

Whether you are ready for pest control services, it may be time to call a local company. Pest control services help you manage pests that take over your garden and behave in an unruly manner. Make the call today to take steps toward a successful, beautiful garden.