Staying Safe Around Pest Control

These Animals Are Cute, But You Don't Want Them In Your Yard

If you're the kind of person who loves animals, you might initially be delighted to see a fat groundhog wander through your garden bed or to spot a nest of little bats in your eaves. However, neither of these animals really belong in your yard or around your home. And they're not the only ones. The following are some cute but potentially dangerous or damaging animals that you'll want to have removed by wildlife removal experts if you do happen to spot them.


With their chubby bodies and fuzzy faces, groundhogs look harmless and even adorable. However, these animals are known for digging some pretty extensive tunnels, which can damage your yard and garden beds. They also like to eat garden plants. An animal removal company can trap the groundhog and relocate it to a place where it won't be a nuisance.


Bats can be really relaxing to watch as they flit about in the evening. However, if you are seeing them fly towards your home, they have probably built nests in your eaves or even in your attic. This is not ideal since bats carry rabies, and if one finds its way into your home and bites you, then you'll need to get rabies shots. Wildlife removal experts are often vaccinated for rabies, so they can trap and remove bats safely.


Moles are unique-looking creatures with their webbed feet and soft noses. But if you see them popping out of the ground and building little mounds in your yard, then you need to have them removed. Their tunnels can be really extensive, and from the tunnels, they eat the roots of plants — which will eventually kill those plants.


Raccoons are known as little thieves for a reason. Their tiny hands are adorable, but they use those tiny hands to pry open garbage cans and make a mess, steal your garden veggies, and work their way into garages. Have the raccoons trapped and relocated before they breed and leave you facing a whole family of bandits.


Squirrels may not be an issue if you see them at the back of your property, but if you've seen them on your roof, around your garage, or in the trees right next to your home, then you should have them trapped and relocated. They love moving into attics and eaves, and it's best to get rid of them before they make this move.

All of the animals above are cute in their own ways, but they are not pets. Have them removed before things go south!