Staying Safe Around Pest Control

Pest Spotting Around Your Place

Before you start bringing all of your belongings into your new place, you want to make sure you go through it and see that you aren't dealing with any pest control issues. If you are, it is going to be a lot easier for you to move into your home after getting rid of any infestations than it would be for you to take those pests on with all of your belongings in the house. 

Once you move all of your things into the house, you will only be giving those pests more places they can hide and infest. However, when the place is empty, you can spray all over, even place bombs, and do another visual inspection after treatment to make sure that the problem has been taken care of. Once you see that there are no more issues, then you can feel free to move your things into the house.

How to spot a problem in the garage – One of the areas you want to check for a pest infestation is the garage. First, you can rule out the presence of bats by looking for bat guano on the walls; if you see none, then you are in the clear. Next, you want to look for spider infestations by looking for fresh spider webs. You can look for signs of rodent infestations by looking up in the attic or rafters for nests or signs of feces. You can notice feces anywhere including in corners, along baseboards, on window sills, in cabinets or even in drawers. You also want to look right along the baseboards and windowsills for signs of pests in the form of small feces that look more like specks of dirt; these can be signs of pests like cockroaches, water bugs, or many others.

How to spot a problem in the house – You want to pay close attention to the areas along the baseboards throughout the house. This is generally how many pests travel, they walk along the baseboards, and this can cause them to drop their feces along that trail. They also like to go to the backs of dark cupboards, drawers, and closets where they will drop their excrement. Another common area to find droppings is in the window sills. You also want to look for spider webs. Not only does finding spiderwebs let you know there are spiders in the house, but if the webs look as if there have been quite a few meals wrapped up in them, then this also leaves you thinking there may be a good number of bugs around that house feeding those spiders.

How to spot a problem around the house – Walk around the yard and look for proof of bugs, rodents, and other pests. If you notice holes in the ground, then this can indicate that you may have issues with pests such as moles, rabbits, or other small animals that live down in the holes. Sometimes, snakes will go into the holes, prey upon whatever was living in them, and take the holes over.

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