Staying Safe Around Pest Control

How To Work Effectively With The Professionals Who Will Rid Your Home Of Bugs

Whether you have a problem in your home with roaches, ants, spiders, or some other pest, you want every last one of them gone. As your day with a pest control specialist approaches, here's what you can do around your home to prepare.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Especially for pieces of furniture that are hardly ever moved or difficult to clean under, move them from where they normally rest. Pull everything away from the wall so that the exterminator can reach into those hard to get places. Pack the contents of drawers in plastic bags, too, so the empty drawers can be fully treated. Ask your pest control professional how long you'll need to keep the plastic bags closed for, to ensure nothing will survive.

Remove Curtains And Blinds

Any type of bug can hide behind curtains and within the parts of your blinds, so pull them all down. You should wash the curtains as per their instructions and soak the blinds in bleach. Keep them down until the house is treated.

Empty All Closets

You'll want to clear a path to every nook and cranny, especially in the closets. With pest like fleas or bed bugs, your clothes and shoes can be harboring areas. Roaches and spiders, too, enjoy the dark confines of quiet closets, where no light or humans disturb them.

Vacuum Like Crazy

Thoroughly vacuum all of your carpets and once you're finished, seal the contents of the vacuum in a plastic bag and dispose of it in the outside garbage.

Wash All Solid Surfaces

From floors and walls to counter and appliance tops, clean everything to a shine. This will remove any trace of food, such as something left from little sticky hands. Keep as many surfaces as you can completely empty, to make the space available for treatment and to leave no place for a single pest to hide.

Protect Your Food

Any food not sealed in its original container should be transferred into seal-able plastic or disposed of. Because the insecticide can seep into open packages and even right through cardboard, you need to protect the food you intend to keep. Keep all the seal-able plastic containers on hand for future storage, too, as cutting off food sources and even the smell of them is the best way to dissuade bugs from hanging around.

Make Plans For The Kids And Pets

Come treatment day, your kids and pets should be somewhere other than in your home. Stay with them at a friend's house, or if you have a dog, hang out at the park. While your pest control contractor will let you know if and when it's safe for the kids and animals to be in the home, they're going to be able to work much better if the house is empty. If you have a fish tank that, be sure and ask the contractor how to seal and protect it. Small birds don't have lungs to process particulates in the air; they have tiny breathing sacs, so you may want to talk to your vet about pest control treatment if you have parakeets or other avian species.

Avoid Cleaning After Treatment

Your pest control professional will advise you on when you can wash your home normally again, but for the time being, you should leave the treatment to do its work. Although you'll notice a brown or yellow residue around the home, that's still the effective product working against the pest population in your home.

Preparing your home for a pest control professional from companies like Exterminating Unlimited Inc will make their job easier and more effective, as well as give you the feeling that you have some control over the situation and that can really help you. You've probably felt powerless to stop the bugs, up until now, so prep your house as much as possible and follow all the instructions of the exterminator. Hopefully, they'll eradicate the pests on the first try, but if not, you'll know exactly how to prepare for the next round.