Staying Safe Around Pest Control

Pest Control And Children: How To Eradicate Bugs Safely And Effectively

Pest control brings to mind harsh chemicals you don't want around your children, but the thought of your kids playing in an environment with roach droppings isn't acceptable either. You can safely eradicate pests in your home, without threatening your children's health. Here's how to get started.

1. Be An OCD Cleaner

Even if you have no obsessive-compulsive disorder, you need to act like you do when you have bugs in your home, most especially when it comes to children. Trails of Cheerios, Oreo's under the bed and sticky fingers touching every surface is essentially a paradise for cockroaches, ants and the like. No matter how busy you are, take the time to clean every mess completely.

2. Eliminate Sources Of Standing Water

Even a wet sponge left by your sink overnight provides a watering hole for nocturnal bugs, not to mention a dripping tub faucet or half-full beverage on the counter. Examine your home for all sources of water and eliminate them immediately.

3. Talk To A Pest Control Professional

The products you're likely to buy in a store could very easily be hazardous to your children and they may not be effective against the mighty, survivalist cockroach. Also, the safer homemade treatments, such as those made with Borax or baking soda probably won't solve your pest problem. Professionals understand your concerns, especially with little ones or pets in the home and they can offer effective treatments. IGR's, or Insect Growth Regulators are scientifically formulated to breech the roaches reproductive abilities, without harming humans or pets. While IGR's don't kill the roaches, they prevent breeding, which means that eventually, your problem will be solved.

4. Stay Away From Home During Treatments

Even if the treatment provided by a pest professional won't harm your kids, it still may be better if you're all out of the house. You want the pro to be able to access every nook and cranny of the home unimpeded and that's more likely to happen when there's nobody around. Also, it may make you feel more at ease to take the kids to the park or a movie while your home is under treatment and a quiet home should give the products your pest control specialist applies time to set in place.

5. Follow Up With Recommended Advice

Unfortunately, eliminating roaches isn't always a one-off process and if you're not diligent about getting every last one, the population will grow again and you'll be right back off where you started. Follow the advice of your professional pest control service, sealing any cracks in the home where bugs can travel, eliminating all sources of food and water and being cautious about shopping at second-hand, even antique shops, in order to avoid bringing a few stray bugs in down the road.

Kids and poisons don't mix, but kids and bugs don't either. Roach wings, other body parts, droppings and egg-casings are unhealthy and may even increase your child's chances of developing asthma. Bring your concerns to a professional who can effectively handle the bug problem, without placing your children (or pets) in any danger. Contact a service, like Southern Greens Pest Control, for more help.