Staying Safe Around Pest Control

Did Your Dig For Treasure In Grandpa's Attic Uncover An Upsetting Mess? 3 Tips To Get A Pest Problem Under Control

Your grandpa's attic is a treasure trove full of family memorabilia that you have always wanted to explore. Recently, he gave you free access to dig in upstairs, and you couldn't wait to begin uncovering old family photos, books and clothing that could tell you more about your family history. Unfortunately, your grand search for information about your ancestry uncovered a few extra surprises that you weren't quite ready for. Now, your exciting search has been put on the back burner since the discovery of a pest problem causes you to feel unsafe. You can use these tips to quickly restore order to the attic so that you can get back to exploring your family's archives.

Identify the Culprits

Many different types of pests inhabit attics, and you are likely to find out that your grandfather has more than one kind of pest control problem. For instance, the same entrances that rats and raccoons use to get into the attic are all big enough for other pests such as spiders to use. Begin by looking for signs of rodent activity such as droppings and nesting materials. Then, look for spiderwebs and hives. As you do, keep in mind that many pests create hazardous conditions for humans so use caution not to come in contact with a critter or their droppings.

Arrange for Professional Services

Once you have an idea of what type of pest problem exists in the attic, you are ready to call for an exterminator that can quickly eliminate live insects and animals before they continue to contribute to more damage. Typically, professional pest services begin with a thorough inspection that may reveal even more of a problem than you saw at first glance. However, you must eliminate all of the pests for the attic to be restored back to a safe environment.

Complete the Clean Up Process

After the pests are eliminated, there is still more work to be done. You may still have repairs to make such as sealing holes that the pests used for an entrance. Then, you can begin the process of cleaning up as you sort through your grandpa's storage materials. For example, you can transfer old photographs out of their cardboard boxes and into plastic ones that are more pest-resistant. You can do the same thing with clothing and other materials that are attractive to pests so that future infestations are prevented.

You've got a golden opportunity to learn more about your family background, and no little critter should stand in your way of making some awesome discoveries. While you may need to put your treasure hunt on hold temporarily, dealing with the pest problem first helps you preserve all of those cherished pieces of family history.