Staying Safe Around Pest Control

3 Facts To Know About Glue Traps

Protecting your home from rodents is imperative, especially considering they are both frightening and dangerous. While surprising for most homeowners to learn, rodents can carry and transmit a variety of diseases. Because of these risks, preventing mice and rats from your home and family is essential. Thankfully, glue traps are effective options for catching and removing rodents that have come into your home, but you may not be familiar with how they function or the benefits they offer. Here are a few quick facts you should know about glue traps.

The Design Is Simple

Consult a pest technician and you will learn there are many trap designs on the market. From the traditional snap trap to a trap that shocks a rodent using electricity, these traps are all designed to catch and kill mice and rodents.

Glue traps are effective even though they have such a simple design. Basically, these traps consist of a cardboard or wood base with a sticky residue on the top.

A small piece of bait is placed on the trap, attracting the rodent to the board. Once they reach the base, the sticky residue will attach the rodent to the base indefinitely.

It Is Best for Mice and Maybe Rats

Mice are smaller, so the glue is capable of holding it in place. Rats, which are a bit larger, may be strong enough to pull themselves from the glue trap.

Unfortunately, rats may cause severe damage to themselves when attempting to pull off of the glue trap. This results in an unsightly problem that may be difficult to see and remove from your home.

Death Occurs In Various Ways

Another surprising fact about glue traps is that death can occur in a few different ways.

Some mice may panic and suffer a heart attack after becoming stuck on the glue trap. In other cases, a mouse's nose may become stuck in the glue, causing them to suffocate to death.

As stated above when discussing how rats may try to become free of the glue trap, mice may also harm themselves when trying to escape. They may break their neck, tear their skin, or even chew off a limb in an attempt to break free.

Lastly, a mouse may be stuck on the glue trap so long, they die of starvation.

It is important to note that many people believe the various manners of death make the glue trap an inhumane option in pest control. You will need to decide if these traps are the right option for you and your home. Contact a pest control service for more help.