Staying Safe Around Pest Control

A Few Things You Must Know About Pest Control

If you see roaches, mice, or other pests in your home, you can be sure there are many more that you do not see. They can get into your food, cause disease, and lave their feces all over the house. Once they are inside, you will need to have them exterminated and then learn the best way to prevent more from coming in. A call to a pest control company that also does extermination is in order. Here are a few things you need to know about the process so you are prepared and the treatments will word effectively.

Prepare the House and Its Inhabitants

Before the pest control technicians arrive, you need to have your home clean and orderly. Get rid of any food that is out, including on the dishes. Make sure that all food in the cupboard is sealed or in containers that are airtight. Put away any clutter, as the pests may hide inside boxes, clothing, or things left out in the open. Everything should be placed in sealable totes. If they will be spraying in the kitchen, be sure to pack up all dishes and cooking utensils to keep them from having a mist of the chemicals on them. Finally, take your children and any pets to a friend's house for the day.

Get Rid of the Cause and Entrances

Once your house is ready, and the technicians are there, do not just sit by idly. Go through the house with them, discussing what caused the pests to seek refuge in your home and how they managed to get inside. While their job is to get rid of the pests and then take the steps to keep them from coming back, you need to know all this to keep an eye on things yourself. If the problem is a leaking pipe and a small opening around the pipe through the walls of the house you will need to check the area occasionally and possibly replace any packing or sealant around the opening.

Have Continued Service

It is a good idea to have the pest control company come to your home every month or two after the initial treatments. While most of the pests and their eggs should be eliminated with just one spraying, some will survive. You will not notice you still have a few pests until there are so many they make themselves known again and you have another infestation.

When looking for the pest control company to service you home, ask about the chemicals they use. If you are concerned about the toxicity of them, ask if they have any green methods instead.