Staying Safe Around Pest Control

Halloween Decorations: Avoiding Extra Pests & Guests During October

Autumn weather also means that it's Halloween season, but this may also spell trouble for you if it starts getting chilly outside. Once the cold air hits, mice and rodents start looking for shelter indoors and around your home. As you start planning Halloween decorations on the exterior of your home, you do not want to make it an invitation for a family of mice. Thankfully, a pest control service can come to your home for an inspection and multiple treatment plans to help keep mice away long before Halloween. As you plan your decorations, there are four specific areas you should focus on to help you have a pest-free Halloween. The only critters coming to your home should be young children dressed as them while trick or treating.

Porch Inspections

The front porch is a great place ti display carved pumpkins, Halloween decorations, and other spooky designs. What many people may not realize is that as you're decorating the top of a porch, a mouse may be building a nest underneath it. The dry and dark area underneath your porch is haven for mice nests. A pest control inspection can identify the areas under the porch, help eliminate the nests, and ensure that your home stays protected. Once mice find a home under your porch, it's only a matter of time before they are scurrying on top of it and eventually sneaking through into the actual house. Along with eliminating nests, pest control workers can implement methods to help deter the mice from coming back.

Copper Mesh Treatments

Around Halloween, there may be a lot of treats and decorations getting created in your home. Candy apples, dipped chocolates, and carved pumpkins are just a few things that can attract incoming mice. If this is the case, then you can prevent the mice from gaining access to your home with copper mesh treatments. Mice can chew through a lot of things, but copper is not one of them. A pest control worker can determine where the small gaps and holes are in your home. Once this occurs, they can lay out the mesh to block a mouse from squeezing or biting through the area. Not only is copper strong enough to do this, but it will last for several years so you do not have to worry about mouse infestations.

Halloween Leaf and Hay Decorations

The leaves that you rake in your yard are often used for various Halloween decoration. You may fill up large decorated bags with Halloween prints on them. You may mix the leaves with hay to create scarecrows and other stuffed creatures. No matter what you do decide to create, you do not want to worry about mice using them as potential nests. One quick and easy to help with this is by adding a few scented dryer sheets to anything that you are filling. Not only will it make your Halloween decorations smell good, but it acts as a natural deterrent for the rodents. During a pest control inspection, the worker will also recommend that you keep the decorations a little ways away from the home so that they animals are not attracted too close to your property.

Electrical Inspections

Halloween is also a great time to plug in animated decorations, fake candles, and strings of light that you will be using. If this is the case, a pest control worker can examine any exterior outlets you have for pests. Mice and other rodents like to chew on unprotected wires, creating a potential fire hazard in your home. A pest control worker can help protect these areas if they are undamaged. This will allow you to use the outlets freely throughout the whole Halloween season.

Contact a pest control worker for more information on the inspections and ensuring everything is completed before Halloween arrives. You can also visit websites like