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How Can You Effectively (And Humanely) Relocate A Swarm Of Bees?

If you're like many, you may be worried about recent reports of declining honeybee populations worldwide. However, this concern may not translate to wanting your own backyard to become a honeybee haven, and observing a swarm of bees buzzing around your home can be alarming. What should you do to keep these bees safe as they search for a new home without endangering yourself or your family? Read on to learn more about the most effective ways to humanely relocate a swarm of bees. 

#1: Call An Expert

For those without much bee experience, who have no desire to rehome these bees themselves, or who are allergic to bee venom, contacting your local apiarist or bee society can be your best first step.

Many local bee clubs will be able to send a member to your home to capture and rehome this swarm within just a few hours, getting these bees out of your hair (literally and figuratively) at no cost to you and without causing the bees any harm. 

#2: Grab Some Gear and DIY

You may be able to capture this swarm yourself with only a bedsheet, cardboard box, and some protective clothing (like canvas coveralls and a long-sleeved shirt to prevent any inadvertent stings). 

Although a large volume of bees can look (and sound) intimidating, swarming bees are simply looking for a new home; and with their stomachs filled with honey from their former hive, they're feeling non-aggressive and too logy to do much in the way of stinging. 

You'll want to begin by placing a sheet on the ground beneath the swarm and using your cardboard box (and any other tools you think could be useful) to gently shake or otherwise coax the bees into this secure spot. As long as you've captured the queen in your box, the other bees will follow. 

Leaving the partially-sealed box on this sheet for a few hours can allow any straggling bees to make their way to their new temporary hive before you move it to a less obtrusive location (like a dead tree on the edge of your property).  

#3: Contact A Pest Control Company

Pest control doesn't always translate to extermination, and if your efforts to contact an apiarist yourself have been unsuccessful, you may have better luck by going through a pest control company. These companies also have contacts with local beekeepers and can partner with them to identify breeds and relocate swarms without causing them any physical harm. 

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