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Asian Lady Beetles: Are They Inside Your House?

Although some ladybugs may occasionally land on your arm or hand by accident, they prefer to steer clear of humans. But not all ladybug species stay outside the home, including the Asian lady beetle. If you find strange ladybugs inside your house, take steps to get them out. Here are things to know about the Asian lady beetle and what you can do to treat them.

What Should You Know About Asian Lady Beetles?

Although Asian ladybugs resemble other ladybugs, the pests have a few distinguishing features that make them unique. Asian lady beetles are large in size and usually come in the colors of red, orange, and cream.

The pests may or may not feature spots, depending on the sex. Females typically feature multiple spots, while males may have a few spots or none at all. Both sexes of Asian ladybugs have white segments just above their heads. The letter "m" sits in the center of the segment. 

You can also distinguish Asian lady beetles from other species by their aggressive behavior. In order to find safe haven during the cold season, the pests take flight just before fall arrives. During flight, large groups of Asian lady beetles can potentially swarm as they migrate to shelter. Some beetles may bite if provoked. Once inside a building, the Asian ladybug can wreak havoc on the inhabitants and their belongings inside it.

This species of lady beetles can release an odorous secretion that stains furnishings and other material. You may also find large masses of beetles in your windows, attic, and other hiding places. Although the beetles don't lay eggs inside your home, they can come out of hiding when they detect light and flit around your house. The pests swarm once the weather becomes favorable enough to leave your dwelling in the spring.

If you find signs of Asian lady beetles in your house, take steps to eliminate and keep them out.

How Do You Get Rid of the Ladybugs?

You don't want to disturb the beetles if you locate their hiding places. Remember, the insects can bite or show aggression. It may also be possible for infestations of Asian lady beetles to cause asthma or allergy problems in some people. To be on the safe side, keep children, pets, and anyone else away from the spots you locate. 

If you see beetles flying from your air conditioning vents or AC closet, close and secure these places. Also, keep the attic or basement door closed. Avoid spraying chemicals on the insects or in your home. Although it's possible to vacuum up the pests, you should avoid doing so until a professional pest control company arrives to assist you. You may use the wrong type of vacuum during the cleanup and make the problem worse.

When pest control arrives to your house, someone like American Pest Control Inc, they will generally inspect your entire home to locate every place that could potentially hide the ladybugs. The contractors may vacuum up the pests with special equipment, or they may use lighted traps to attract and contain the pests. If the contractors can't treat your ladybug problem with the methods previously mentioned, they may use professional insecticides instead. 

After the threat is over, you can keep Asian lady beetles out of your home by sealing up the cracks in your windows, attic, basement, and other places. Pest control may apply a chemical on the exterior openings of your home. The insecticide forms a barrier around your house that prevents Asian ladybugs from entering it during the swarming season. 

If you need services now or want to learn more about the Asian lady beetle, contact a pest control specialist for assistance today.