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3 Tips to Help Eliminate & Control Mosquitos in Your Yard

Mosquitoes are one of the worst bugs to have in your yard, yet they can be everywhere in the hot, summer months. Not only do they leave itchy welts if they bite you, but mosquitoes can also transmit diseases to you through these bites. If you want to eliminate the annoyance and risks of mosquitoes around your house, there are some steps you can take that may help you control the mosquito population in your yard. Here are three steps you could take that may help with this.

Do Not Allow Standing Water in Your Yard

Standing water refers to puddles in your yard, and puddles typically form when there is a lot of rain. The problem with water puddles is that mosquitoes love water, and they tend to more likely to live near water sources. This is primarily because they lay their eggs in water. Without water, they cannot reproduce, which is why it is so important to eliminate any sources of standing water in your yard if you want to keep mosquitoes away.

As you complete this step, examine your entire yard and look for any potential problem areas. This can include your yard, areas near gutters, or areas near your air conditioner condenser. If you have a small pool, keep it as far from your home as possible.

Plant the Right Flowers & Plants

Another key step that can make a big difference with the number of mosquitoes in your yard involves planting bushes, flowers, and herbs that are known for repelling mosquitoes. With the right plants in your yard, mosquitoes will be less likely to inhabit your property, and there are a lot of different options you have.

Marigolds are one option, and these are very pretty to look at too. They are known for repelling mosquitoes simply from their smell. You can plant these anywhere in your yard or in pots, and this could make a difference. Other options you have include planting catnip, basil, and lavender. Mosquitoes do not like any of these smells, and they will move on when they smell them.

Create Mosquito Traps

A third option you could use is creating mosquito traps to place around your yard. The goal of these is to catch any mosquitoes that are in your yard, and they can be very effective, especially when combined with other methods listed here.

There are a number of ways to make mosquito traps, but an easy method involves the use of plastic soda bottles. If you take these bottles and cut them in half, you can throw away the top halves and use the bottoms to make the traps. Once you do this, simply place about one cup of brown sugar in each bottle. Next, add hot water to help the brown sugar dissolve. Set these around your yard and watch how they attract mosquitoes. The mosquitoes will enter the bottles to get to the brown sugar and will drown in them.

Hire an Exterminator

One other great step to take is to hire a pest control company to spray your yard against mosquitoes. Not only will the pest control company spray a pesticide that will kill and eliminate mosquitoes, but they can also give you other options and ideas that may help you get rid of mosquitoes. If you can successfully reduce the number of mosquitoes you have in your yard, your summer will be more pleasant and your family will be safer.

If you would like to find other ways to keep mosquitoes away from your yard and family, find out here about residential pest control services.